Many of you retro-philes may remember the website “Retrospace”, the Grand Poobah of vintage/nostalgia blogs.  Well, I sold it.  When I was offered a thick wad of greenbacks, I just couldn’t say no.  After almost a year, I’m ready to get back in the saddle and resume my role as retro-pop culture custodian; so, I’ve started Scanagogo.  It’s a tad different than Retrospace, concentrating exclusively on scans from vintage ephemera such as magazines, books, postcards and catalogs.  It’s a little narrower focus, as I won’t be reviewing Wonder Woman episodes or old movies.  But this is what I love to do; for whatever reason, I love sharing my old stuff.  Hopefully, over time, I’ll generate a similar readership as Retrospace because I love reading the feedback.

For additional retro conten, I’m also contributing to Flashbak.com and discussing movies of the 1970s and 80s on The Horshack Redemption podcast.  Cheers.