TV Guide (February 14, 1981)

WKRP graces the cover of this issue.  Jaws 2 and Animal House make their TV premiers, plus a big special on actresses who rate a “Perfect 10”.

TV Guide – Feb. 14th, 1981

I forgot all about the Drak Pack; and how nice that Fat Albert and the gang learn that cooking isn’t just for dudes.

Rupert “Pina Colada” Holmes on Solid Gold

Who can forget the “Alice” spinoff, “Flo”, but these others have been lost to the Memory Hole.  I’d have loved Jerry Reed’s show back then, but I’m thinking it didn’t last too long.

Man, I miss those midnight movies!

A guy like Doug Henning could only exist in the seventies; by 1981 his time had begun to run out.

Note that it says that NBC plans an announcement that this may not be suitable for all viewers.  Did they air this uncut?

I love that Howard Hesseman and Erik Estrada are hosting this; and BTW my winner would be Linda Carter… I hope Erin Grey was a finalist as well.

OJ Simpson may lose Goldie… what will he do?  (Wait, don’t answer that.)